• Type: standard (not Full-Risk or any type other that the standard)
  • Duration: 12 months from the delivery date
  • Exclusions, meaning “properly working when delivered”:
    • accessories and parts subject to wearing off (reusable electrodes, any kind of cable and leadwire, paper feeding rolls, batteries etc)
    • consumables, disposables and single-patient products (paper or any kind, videoprinter films, mouthpieces and filters, ventilation or IV lines, chest belts, disposable electrodes, gel etc)
  • The terms do not include damages caused voluntarily or due to negligence, as well as damages due to any improper use of the product, including the use by personnel not explicitly authorized by LUMED Srl.
  • Warranty voids in case of attempted, partial or complete service or maintenance activity performed by personnel not explicitly authorized by LUMED Srl.
  • Warranty stands only when disposables, consumables and accessories provided by LUMED Srl are used.

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