EUROFILM Videoprinter films

EUROFILM, compatible films for Sony medical printers made to match quality and budget, with reliable results.


Ref. LUMEDRef. originalSony printersSize
BMSY013UPP-1100 HDUP-890 MD / UP-895 MD / UPD-897110 x 20 m
BMSY014UPP-1100 HGUP-890 MD / UP-895 MD / UPD-897110 x 18 m

Original films for Sony and Mitsubishi medical printers, the reference in videoprinting:

Ref. LUMEDRef. originalSony printersSize
BMSY002UPP-110 HDUP-890 MD / UP-895 MD / UPD-897110 x 20 m
BMSY003UPP-110 SUP-890 MD / UP-895 MD / UPD-897110 x 20 m
BMSY004UPP-216 HDUP-910 / UP-930216 x 25 m
BMSY006UPP-210 HDUP-910 / 930 / 960 / 980210 x 25 m
BMSY009UPP-110 HGUP-895 MD / UP-D895 / UPD-897110 x 18 m
BMSY010UPT-210BLUP-980210 x 12,5 m
BMSY015UPP84HGUP - D711 MD84 x 12,5 m
BMSY016UPP84SUP - D711 MD84 x 13,5 m
CMSY019UPC-21 SUP-21 MD / UP-20 / UP-D21 MD240 sheets
CMSY020UPC-21 LUP-21 MD / UP-20 / UP-D21 MD200 sheets
CMSY026UPC-R80MD (*)UP-DR80MD2 X 50 sheets
(*) includes paper 6 ink
Ref. LUMEDRef. originalSony printersSize
BMMI004K65 HM-CEP-66 E / P-91 E110 x 21 m
BMMI005KP61B-CEP-66 E / P-91 E110 x 21 m
BMMI006KP70B-CEP-500215 x 21 m
BMMI007CK-700 (only paper)CP-700 E/DW110 x 22 m
BMMI008K-75 HMP-70-71-78 / P-500215 x 21 m
CMMI005PK-700 S (only ink)CP-700 E/DW200 sheets
CMMI006PK-700 L (only ink)CP-700 E/DW130 sheets
CMMI013CK-900 S (*)CP-900 E/DW200 sheets
CMMI015CK-900 L (*)CP-900 E/DW130 sheets
CMMI019CK-30 S (*)CP-30 DW240 sheets
(*) includes paper & ink


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