US gel, ECG gel and spray

Gel for Ultrasound applications (Echography, Doppler etc). It is a hig-viscosity media, particularly adapt for Echography, Doppler, Eco- and Echocolordoppler, Ultrasound therapy etc.
Colored in transparent azure, it is available in 250g bottle or 5 kg tank, soft or hard.

 Ref. LUMEDDescription
GUS250G-15US gel, bottle 250g
GUSLT5G-15-5US gel, soft tank 5Kg
GUSLT5G-15-5RBUS gel, hard tank 5Kg (1 pump every 4 tanks)
GB38Pump for 5Kg hard tank

High-viscosity ECG gel, indicated for resting ECG, Electromyography, Electroencephalography ecc.
Ref. GEC250G-10 is available in 250g bottles.


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Moreover, our ECG spray with anti-bacterial effect is an effective alternative to the traditional gel. It suits any reusable ECG electrode: suction chest electrodes, plates, clamps. It is the best choice for suction systems, like as our EP-OHVAC04 ! ECG spray comes in 250 ml bottles (ref. EP-PR4468183) or 5 liters tanks (ref. EP-PR7147605). An empty bottle is supplied along with the tank.

 Ref. LUMEDDescription
GEC250G-10ECG gel, 250 g bottle
EP-PR4468183ECG spray for reusable electrodes (250ml bottle)
EP-PR7147605ECG spray for reusable electrodes (5 liters tank with empty bottle)

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