Sanacardio & Sanacouch

The sana cardio 250 SE is based on the technology of the couch/semi-couch safety ergometer sana cardio 250 L. An additional rotation axis of the couch to the right allows the patient being turned during stress to a left-side position to max. 45°. This position is especially suited for high-quality ultrasound images during a stress echo examination. A hip belt and a stable shoulder support grant the patient’s safety and comfortable position whilst the couch is turned to its side.
Besides this special application, the ergometer can, of course, also be used as a normal couch/semi-couch safety ergometer. Special safety aspects, e.g. in cases of suspected cardiovascular disorders, stress tests after a cardiac infarction or after bypass operation, and special exercise ergometry applications, such as heart catheter examinations, require the use of this ergometer. The use of a stress echo couch is also recommended for the examination of elderly and disabled patients.

These the main features:

  • Easy patient access
  • No obstacles or dangerous parts for patient and operators
  • Built-in auscultatory NIBP monitor (sanacouch 250 and sanacardio 250 only)
  • high load precision
  • driven by the built-incomputer or by an external system (es. Stress-Test or ECG) via RS-232 or USB
  • Stable steel/aluminium construction for a max. patient weight of 150 kg
  • Patient height between 120 and 210 cm
  • pleasant pedalling feeling
  • almost noiseless, even at high speed
  • elegant, dirt-repellent casing
  • low maintenance
  • easy access, thanks to the accurate design
  • the position both saddle and handlebars is free
  • movements via remote control
  • sanacouch: backrest angle (0°-45°), saddle height, headrest height
  • sanacardio: lateral tilting (0°-45°, patient support are added), backrest angle (0°-45°), saddle height, headrest height
  • backrest opening for US probe (sanacardio only)


  • electrical saddle height adjustment
  • built-in SpO2 monitor
  • built-in Heart-Rate monitor
  • legs supports

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