Reusable ECG electrodes

Our reusable ECG electrodes are made in Ag/AgCl, to assure the perfect electrical conduction, along with the best ECG quality and stability.
The list includes chest suction electrodes and clamp limb electrodes as well, all available in several sizes.

 Ref. LUMEDDescription
EL0001 Set of 6 pediatric chest electrodes EUROCATCH diam. 15 mm Ag/AgCl
EL0002Set of 6 adult chest electrodes EUROCATCH diam. 24 mm Ag/AgCl
EL0003Set of 6 adult chest electrodes EUROCATCH diam. 30 mm Ag/AgCl
EL0004Set of 4 pediatric limb electordes EUROCATCH Ag/AgCl
EL0005Set of 4 adult limb electordes EUROCATCH Ag/AgCl

19Bok copia

All these electrodes make a perfect match with EUROLINK patient cables!

EUROLINK cables for Holter, Monitoring etc.

Download the data sheet



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