EUROholter systems

LUMED® EUROHOLTER is the new generation Holter system, for 3- and 12-channel recordings, lasting up to 7 days and always at the maximum quality.
EUROHOLTER recorder is available in two versions:

  • EUROHOLTER 3view: 24/48 hours recordings or up to 7 days
  • EUROHOLTER 12view: 24/48 hour recordings


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Both versions can detect and record the pacemaker pulses.

Digital recorder EUROHOLTER recorders have superior features:

  • Graphic LCD display
  • 24 or 48 recordings
  • 7 days Hi-Resolution recordings, no quality loss (3view only)
  • Low consumption, just on single AAA battery
  • 5-leads patient cable for 3 indipendent channel (3view) or the standard 12-leads (12view)
  • Started with or without computer
  • SDcard and USB interface


The advanced solution to record and analyze 3- and 12-chanel recordings, fast and reliable.

  • Analysis software EUROHOLTER SW3/12 includes all the tool a specialist may require:
  • Acquisition and study of 3- and 12-channel recordings
  • Beat detection
  • Template-based morphological analysis
  • Enhanced morphological analysis, based on the exclusive Beat Overlay tool-kit
  • Ful Disclosure ECG
  • Automatically and manually selected ECG strips
  • RR Intervals and Heart-Rate analysis
  • Dynamic and ST analysis with interactive interface
  • detection of Pacemaker spikes
  • Advanced Pacemaker analysis
  • Enahanced filing & archive management
  • Full-featured BackUp
  • Access control and Users management
  • Bi-directional GDT interface

Furthemore, EUROHOLTER SW3/12 offers also additional features:

  • QT/QTc and Dispersion analysis
  • VLP analysis
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Vectorcardiogram
  • DCA analysis

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