LUMED Quality System is certified ISO9001 and IS013485 by KIWA CERMET; LUMED is certified 93/42/ECC too by KIWA CERMET (0476). Since our foundation we gather more experience to define and focus on our mission.
LUMED, from the beginning of the industry, has worked according to its quality management system, firmly convinced that the development, primary aim of every business activity, must be achieved without any renounce or compromise towards the utmost respect for the customer.
Our quality policy can be summarized in this explicit, concrete concept:

“evaluating every action in terms of sustainability”

The sustainability of our work must be absolute and, from our customers point of view, it must be economic, budgetary, logistic and safe.
Customer choice regarding purchases of any LUMED product must not involve any risk beside the intrinsic and declared one.
The correlation between risk/benefit and cost/benefit must be completely clear for our customers. Only an aware purchase can be seen as sustainable by LUMED.
LUMED shall always work in order that every partner will be certain about it.
LUMED shall always dispatch enough resources aimed to keep improving the ratio between risk and costs which the customer go through, nonetheless the benefit and satisfaction that come from it.
LUMED shall always give attention and time to customers in any stage other than the purchasing one, in order to better evaluate the fulfillment of the expectation.
LUMED must be aware that only satisfied customers will remain loyal and bring other customers.
LUMED must be certain that, any investment in this direction, will represent the best contribution in order to fulfill all the goals for a stable, steady, sustainable development.


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