EUROSPIRO nose clips

EUROSPIRO nose clips for Spirometry and Ergospirometry (CPET).

These nose clips are truely effective, thanks to their shape. In fact, their design assures a relevant “spring effect”, so there is no air flow loss.
EUROSPIRO nose clips are made with antiallergenic materials, suitable even for the most sensitive patients:

  • Gentle but effective pads
  • Spring effect
  • User friendly


Two solutions available: rubber or foam pads. Both available in packs of 10 or 100 pcs.

 Ref. LUMEDDescriptionPackaging
TSTR001/10Nose clips with rubber pads10 pcs
TSTR001/100Nose clips with rubber pads100 pcs
TSTR006/10Nose clips with foam pads10 pcs
TSTR006/100Nose clips with foam pads100 pcs

Download the data sheet




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