EUROBIKE ergometers

LUMED EUROBIKE 3200 and EUROBIKE 4200 ergometers


New generation ergometers, offering top performances.
The speed-independent load is granted by a high-end eddy current brake with computer-controlled torque measurement. This control, together with the ideal centrifugal mass dimensioning, results in a very pleasant pedalling feeling, allowing the patient to fully exploit his or her reserves. The mechanism, consisting of state-of-the art components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.

Main features

  • Built-in auscultatory NIBP monitor (EUROBIKE 4200 only)
  • high load precision
  • dual-position measuring head
  • driven by the built-incomputer or by an external system (es. Stress-Test or ECG) via RS-232 or USB
  • Stable steel/aluminium construction for a max. patient weight of 150 kg
  • Patient height between 120 and 210 cm
  • pleasant pedalling feeling
  • almost noiseless, even at high speed
  • elegant, dirt-repellent casing
  • low maintenance
  • easy access, thanks to the accurate design



  • built-in SpO2 monitor
  • pediatric configuration
  • built-in Heart-Rate monitor USB and RS232 interface

Download the data sheet




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