Advanced ergometers, for home and professional purpose

ergo_bike premium8 e 8i ergo_run premium8 e 8alfa24
ergo_bike premium8 e 8i  ergo_run premium8 e 8alfa24


Ergo_bike premium 8 e 8i

This ergometer bike is specially designed for health and endurance training.
High quality manufacturing, an easy to read dashboard, and ease of use and of maintenance contribute to make this appliance an ideal training device for sport and fitness training. We would also stress that the complete equipment list and the convincing performance range appeal to athletes and fitness conscious persons of every age group.

Designed and manufactured in conformity with the DIN EN 957 1/-5 Class SA/HA standard, the ergo_bike is suited for a therapeutic utilisation (It does not meet the requirements for medical diagnosis usage in medical clinics). An important aspect, and therefore an identifying feature, of an ergometer is the fact that the required pedalling resistance in watt can be prescribed. This pedalling resistance will be maintained irrespective of the pedalling speed.
This means that the user can work out under a steady load at various speeds, and unconstrained by the speed. The advantage being that the user cannot unknowingly be subjected to a wrong load.
At the heart of the ergo_bike is the full electronically controlled, maintenance free, eddy current brake, which adjusts the braking load to fit the user personal requirements based on the computed data, and which allows load setting continuously from 20 to 1.000 Watt.
The ergo_bike premium8 is thus more than just a Home Trainer, since it can be used for sportive and therapeutic objectives. Moreover, the exclusive Swingfeet (included) provide the swinging movement you experience while riding a bike on the road.

These are the main features:

  • Computer controlled electromagnetic brake
  • Workload from 20 to 1.000 W
  • The position of saddle and handlebar is free
  • Traditional cycling setting: pedals, saddle and handlebar
  • SDcard reader
  • 5.7” color LCD display, for Heart-Rate, Workload, Program name and current duration, work profile, Messages
  • On-line manual
  • Comand viaTrackball and buttons or external system
  • Over 100 preinstalled workload profiles
  • RS232 interface
  • Weight 50 kg


  • Available in Red, Orange or Silver
  • Polar chest belt (HR receiver already present)


Ergo_run premium 8 e 8 alfa24

The ergometer ergo_run premium8 and 8 alfa24 is a medical treadmill ergometer designed to diagnostic
the performance capacity of a test person and to train the test person under medical supervision. It is very
well suited for diagnostic and therapeutic utilisation and for ergometry testing.

ergo_run premium

All ergo_run premium8 alpha24 treadmill ergometers are equipped with standard interface protocols and can thus be used in conjunction with ECG printers or personal computers of various manufacturers.
Please note that only properly educated and qualified staff (personnel) may proceed with the installationand utilisation of the ergo_run medical8 alpha24.
You can use an ECG device or a personal computer (PC) to control the ergo_run medical8 alpha24. A special data cable is needed to this effect, which you can order from Daum Electronics GmbH.
The data transmission protocols of the controlling device (apparatus) and of the ergo_run premium8 alpha24 must be configured to recognise each other.

These the main features:

  • 3 HP motor
  • Speed range 0-24 km/h
  • Slope interval
  • ergo_run premium8: -1% – +15%
  • ergo_run premium8 alfa24: 0% – 24%
  • Elastomeric belt
  • Step area 150×50 cm
  • Max body wieght 150 kg
  • 5.7” color LCD display, for Heart-Rate, Workload, Program name and current duration, work profile, Messages
  • On-line manual
  • Operated viaTrackball and buttons or external system
  • RS232 interface
  • Weight 150 kg
  • Size 200x92x150 cm LxWxH

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