Disposable & consumables

EUROPAPER Thermal and Non-Thermal rolls and Z-fold


icona_download EUROPAPER Thermal rolls and Z-fold – White rolls – Z-fold with grid, disks and pens for medical refrigerators

EUROFILM Videoprinter films


icona_download EUROfilm for Sony UPP110-HD & MITSUBISHI

icona_download EUROfilm for Sony UPP110-HG & MITSUBISHI

EUROSPIRO consumables for Spirometry


Disposable mouthpieces

icona_download “EUROSPIRO” Disposable Paper Mouthpieces

AVB filters

icona_download “EUROSPIRO” Pulmonary Function Testing Filters

Nose clips

icona_download “EUROSPIRO” Disposable Nose Clip

EUROCATCH disposable ECG electrodes


EUROCATCH disposable ECG electrodes

“EUROCATCH” Disposable Electrodes

US gel, ECG gel and spray

Gel LECTRO for ECG – GUS250G-10

Gel LECTRO for ultrasound – GUS250G-15

Gel LECTRO for ultrasound – GUS250G-15-5

Gel LECTRO for ultrasound – GUS250G-15-5RB

ELECTROCONDUCTIVE SPRAY for ECG reusable electrode

Anti-burn plates

Disposable anti burn plates for adult patients ET3010


EUROlink patient cables


EUROlink cables for resting and stress-ECG

EUROlink cables

EE100CRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100CRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100CRSI-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100CUBI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100CUSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100DRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100DRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100DRSI-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100ERI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100ERSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100FRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100FRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100GRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG

EE100KRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG

EE100LRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100LRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100LRSI-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100MRI2-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100MRSI2-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100MRSI2-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100MRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100MRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100MRSI-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100NRI-NV200 Patient cable for resting ECG

EE100NRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100NRSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100SRI-200 patient cable for resting ECG EE100SRSI-200 patient cable for Stress-Testing EE100SRSI-350 “XL” patient cable for Stress-Testing, Snap EE100SRGI-350 “XL” patient cable for Stress-Testing, Grabber

EE100URI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100URSI-200 Patient cable for stress-testing – EE100URSI-350 “XL” Patient cable for stress-testing

EE100VET-200 Patient cable for resting ECG – EE100VET-350 Patient cable for resting ECG “XL

EE100GRI-200 Patient cable for resting ECG

EE103BK-CAM Leadwires for GE Marquette CAM 14 and HD

EE103BK-ML Leadwires for GE Marquette Multi-Link systems

EE103BK-TC Leadwires for Philips electrocardiographs TC series

EE103BK-TC16 set of 16 Leadwires for Philips TC series

EE103BK-TRIM Leadwires for Philips electrocardiographs Trim & Touch

EE103BK-WAM Leadwires for Mortara modules WAM and AM12

EE200-xDG 3 or 5 leads trunk cable for PHILIPS monitor – EE200-xDGGI 3 or 5 leads leadwires for PHILIPS moniitor

EE203SK-AP6 Cable for GE telemetry APEX PRO & CH (6 leads)

EE203SK-APFH Cable for GE telemetry APEX PRO FH (5 leads)

EE203SK-IV3 Patient cable for PHILIPS INTELLIVUE 3 LEADS EE203SK-IV5 Patient cable for PHILIPS INTELLIVUE 5 leads

EUROlink cables for Holter monitoring

EUROlink cables

EEHL20xx patient cable for Holter, Stress-Testing & Monitoring

EEHL30 patient cable Lifecard CF – EEHL30/CLIP patient cable for Lifecard CF, with belt clip

EEHL40 14” Cable for holter ARIA, EVO – EEHL40XL 60 cm Cable for holter ARIA, EVO

EEHL50 patient cable Burdick Spacelabs 92513

EEHLxxx DIN-SNAP Leadwires

Reusable electrodes

Reusable ecg electrodes

“EUROCATCH” ECG Suction Electrode

“EUROCATCH” ECG Clamp Electrode


EP-LU5010 Universal suction electrode system (cart) – EP-OHVAC02 VACU-BOY vacuum ECG electrode system (stand) – EP-OHVAC03 VACU-WALL vacuum ECG electrode system (wall mount)


Crocodile / Snap adapters

ECG Simulator

EP-MS59010 Phantom MS320 ECG simulator


Calibration syringe for Spirometers, CPET and other devices or systems for pulmonary testing.

Medical devices & systems

Carts and accessories


“EUROCART” Trolley

 Electrocardiograph & pc-ecg

Brochure EUROECG

EP-LU30001 EUROecg 3view

EP-LU30002 EUROecg 6view

EP-LU30003 EUROecg 12view

EUROecg SW12

Holter ABPM and combined


 EUROholter overview

EUROholter software leaflet

 EUROholter recorders leaflet

Ergometers & treadmill


EP-19010 medical treadmill er2100

EP-ES3200 EURObike 3200 – EP-ES4200 EURObike4200

Oxymeters & probe

EP-MD300C15 fingeroxymeter with OxywatchTM technology

EP-MD300C53 – Finger pulseoxymeter for pediatrics

EP-MD300C63 fingeroxymeter with OxywatchTM

EP-MD300K1 HAND-HELD Pulseoxymeter

Standard BCI SENSORS for pulse oximeters


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