EUROCATCH disposable ECG electrodes

A comprehensive range of disposable electrodes for ECG in all its forms: Resting, Stress-Test, Holter, Monitoring etc. EUROCATCH electrodes include non-magnetic and radio transparent models. Both solid and liquid gel are available.

18ok copia

Ref. LUMEDApplicationDescriptionSize [mm]GelSupportoPack
ET1166Resting ECGLUMED EUROcatch square32x32liquidfoam50 pcs
ET4166Resting ECGLUMED EUROcatch square32x32solidfoam50 pcs
ET1119Holter, monitoringLUMED EUROcatch rounddiam. 50liquidfoam40 pcs
ET1136EStress-TestLUMED EUROcatch oval 36x50liquidfoam50 pcs
ET1184Stress-TestLUMED EUROcatch oval, female plug for 4mm banana36x50liquidfoam25 pcs.
ET1140Stress-TestLUMED EUROcatch oval, radiotransparent and non-magnetic36x50liquidfoam50 pcs
ET4140Stress-TestLUMED EUROcatch oval, radiotransparent and non-magnetic36x50solidfoam50 pcs

Use EUROCATCH electrodes with ET102 adapters!

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